The club started with volleyball and has since evolved into a diverse offering for players of all skill levels. From competitive training for international gay and lesbian volleyball league and the Vienna Volleyball Association’s Cup, to casual, fun-focused beginner games, the club has something for everyone.

Several times a year, the club participates in fun tournaments abroad, and they also host their own events, including the Vienna Beach Trophy in August and the VIVA tournament every two years.

While the club is primarily aimed at members of the LGBTIQ+ community, anyone who identifies with the club’s mission is welcome to join. For women who want to play in an all-female team, the club recommends the Vienna’s Queer Melange volleyball club.

Join the club and experience the joy of playing volleyball in a safe and welcoming environment!

Join the Club!

Get ready to take your volleyball skills to the next level! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, there’s a training level for you!

Beginners: Join us in the first 6 weeks of the school semester (mid-October or late March) for our Level 1 training.

Advanced: You can join at any time and will be assigned to a level that fits your playing abilities (demonstrated proficiency in passing, digging, and serving into the opposing court).

If you are under 18 years old, please check the WVV website for clubs that offer trainings for juniors.

Training Days

Level 1: beginners, slightly advanced
Maiselgasse 1, 1030 Vienna, Gym (Directions; stairs next to Sportschützenclub Wien)
Tuesdays 18:00-21:00

Level 2: slightly advanced+
Jedleseer Straße 74, 1210 Vienna (Domink-Hofmann-Halle, TS 1)
Wednesdays 18:00-21:00

Level 3: advanced
Prandaugasse 5, 1220 Vienna (5-minutes walk from U1 „Kagran“)
Mondays 18:00-21:00

Level 4: advanced+
Erzherzog-Karl-Straße 108, 1220 Vienna (Sport & Fun Donaustadt)
Wednesdays 19:00-22:00

Free practice for all level
Donizettiweg 31, 1220 Vienna
Sundays 17:30-20:30

Get in touch with us!

Levels 1-3 are fully booked at this moment. New registrations will be placed on a waitlist and priority will be given to members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Levels 1-2: Felix +43 670 5553451
Levels 3-4: Dali , +43 650 7770310

E-Mail: volleyball@aufschlag.org