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Vienna Beach Trophy 2021 – Results

Vienna Beach Trophy 2021 Results

The 2021 edition of our traditional beach volleyball tournament, the Vienna Beach Trophy, attracted 70 participants – this is even more than in the last years. The competitions were held on 7th of August on 10 courts of the beach volleyball center Schmelz under ideal conditions: sun and 30 degrees C.

Thanks to the cooperation with Vienna’s Queer Melange, the Viennese volleyball club for lesbians and (female) friends, 13 women competed in a Queen of the Beach format. Nora repeated her victory from the previous year, followed by Maria and Denise.

The men’s competitions took place in four categories where a total of 29 teams fought for medals. In level A, the highest category, the Czech team “Kuba and Dan” (Daniel and Jakub) gained gold. Team “Tom Wanks & Tammy Salami” (Michael and Mario) won in B+. In B-, the third category, it was the team of Sand and Joel (DVA KITA) who won, and in C, the Vienna Vixens (Martin and Razvan) made the first place.

At night, the winners and many other participants, guests and friends of the tournament celebrated at the closing party organized by Männer im Garten at Volksgarten Pavillon.

The results in detail


  1. Nora
  2. Maria
  3. Denise
  4. Sarah & Svenja
  5. Magda
  6. Viola
  7. Babsi
  8. Anita & Lisa
  9. Doris
  10. Barbara
  11. Kathi

Men Level A 

  1. Kuba and Dan (Daniel/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  2. Dennis & Guy (Dennis/SUI and Guy/FRA)
  3. Doppelblock (Benedikt/AUT and Philipp/AUT)
  4. Catch me, if you can (Michal/CZE and Radim/CZE)
  5. Sandhüpfer (Christopher/AUT and Christoph/GER)
  6. Honecker & Tito (Dalibor/AUT and Stefan/GER)

Men Level B+ 

  1. Tom Wanks & Tammy Salami (Michael/GER and Mario/AUT)
  2. ImocoVolleyVienna (Tinu/SUI and Aleksandar/AUT)
  3. Zürcher Sandnixen (Maxwell/SUI and Michel/SUI)
  4. Ois wuascht (Thomas/AUT and Matthias/AUT)
  5. Milk Chocolate (Ainsley/SUI and Lars/GER)
  6. Beach Bitches Agatha & Barbara (Luboš/CZE and Martin/CZE)
  7. Braslowa Swiss (Roberto/SUI and Stefan/SVK)
  8. BadBlueBoys (Vedran/CRO and Igor/CRO)

Men Level B- 

  1. DVA KITA (Sand/SLO and Joel/MEX)
  2. Watermelon Sugar (Manuel/AUT and Eduardo/PAN)
  3. Die Bauchnabels (Matteo/ITA and Adrian/SUI)
  4. Mila e Shiro (Daniel/SUI and Benno/ITA)
  5. Silky&Brooklyn (Donald/BRA and Tomi/GER)
  6. Steffen & Marc (both GER)
  7. Komme, was Volley (Jens/GER and Nghia/GER)i
  8. Former Miss Austria (Walter/AUT and Warren/MRI)
  9. Last Minute (Gerhard/AUT and Andreas/AUT)
  10. JAGnie PL (Lukasz/POL and Gniewomir/POL)

Men Level C 

  1. Vienna Vixens (Martin/AUT and Razvan/ROU)
  2. StrandSchlampen (Felix/GER and Kevin/LBN)
  3. The Hot Shots (Mario/AUT and Ajdin/AUT)
  4. Fontaines (Romain/AUT and Pawel/POL)
  5. NiRo Boys (Niklas/GER and Roman/GER)

Detailed results are available via Google Docs Spreadsheet

Download Vienna Beach Trophy 2021 – Results as pdf

Vienna Beach Trophy 2021 – Facts

Viruses may come and go, but our Vienna Beach Trophy stays – at least that is what we hope. The 2021 edition will take place on August 6 and 7, playing on Saturday 7 August.

This year again, the Vienna Beach Trophy is not only hosted by Aufschlag Wien, but also by Vienna’s Queer Melange. It has become one of the biggest LGBTIQ tournaments in Europe played by beach rules. Male and mixed teams consist of two persons; the women’s competition will be played as Queen of the Court format.

We will be playing on up to nine beach volleyball courts at Beachvolleyballzentrum Schmelz.


Registration for this year’s tournament is already closed!

When and where?

Friday, August 6 – Registration
7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
Gumpendorferstraße 5, 1060 Vienna

Saturday, August 7– Matches, Award Ceremony, BBQ and Party
9.00 a.m.: Captains‘ Meeting
Freizeitpark Schmelz
Auf der Schmelz 10, 1150 Wien

approx. 5.30 p.m.: Award Ceremony and BBQ
Beachvolleyballzentrum Schmelz


10.00 p.m.: VBT Closing Party “Männer im Garten”
Volksgarten Pavillon, Burgring, 1010 Vienna
Vouchers for the Party can be purchased for 6 € (instead of 10 €) at the registration.