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Vienna Valentine 2019 – Info


Vienna Valentine 2019 offers Swimming and Volleyball competitions.

The Swimming competitions are organized by Kraulquappen.
For more information and for the registration for the swimming competitions please refer to


15 to 17 February 2019


Registration is already closed!


Friday, 15 February 2019

6.00 p.m. to 10 p.m.:
Check in

Saturday, 16 February 2019
9.00 a.m. to 6 p.m.:
Volleyball Tournament, Theodor Kramer Schule, Theodor-Kramer-Strasse 3, 1220 Vienna

from 10 p.m.:

Porntrash (FB Eventpage)

Club Alice, Josefsplatz 6, 1010 Vienna.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

around noon:


We have indoor competitions, 6:6!
Male B+
Male B-
Male C

Packages and fees

Athlete all-in

Volleyball + Party + Brunch
54 Euros per person until 20 December 2018
59 Euros per person after 20 December 2018

Athlete & Party

Volleyball + Party
35 Euros per person until 20 December 2018
40 Euros per person after 20 December 2018


Volleyball only
27 Euros per person until 20 December 2018
32 Euros per person after 20 December 2018

Supporter all-in

Access to the tournament + Party + Brunch
29 Euros per person


Party only
10 Euros per person

Hosted Housing

5 Euros per person

Cancellation Policy

100% refund before 31 December 2018
50% refund before 31 January 2019

Vienna Beach Trohpy 2018 – Results/Ergebnisse

We are proud that 28 teams participated in the 2018 edition of the Vienna Beach Trophy on 25 August at Beachvolleyballzentrum Schmelz. As usual, about the half of the competitors came from abroad to demonstrate their beach volleyball skills. Despite the quite moderate temperatures, the teams enjoyed playing many intensive matches on nine courts. The barbecue right after the tournament as well as the official closing party at Why Not gave opportunity to relax.

The results in detail:

Level A

  1. Kuba’a Dan (Daniel/CZE and Jakub/CZE)
  2. Montagnolli/Hansel (Michael/AUT and Noah/AUT)
  3. Sind am Sand (Benedikt/AUT and Christian/AUT)
  4. Marianne & Michael (Michael/GER and Mario/AUT)
  5. Purple Cobras (Michal/CZE and Radim/CZE)

Level B+

  1. 800 € Bitch (Martin/SUI and Christoph/GER)
  2. Argento e Lana (Peter/GER and Stefan/AUT)
  3. Gothenburg Gangsters (Per/SWE and Alexi/FRA)
  4. Pipi & Melkijad (Luka/SLO and Matevz/SLO)
  5. Beach Bitches Agatha & Barbara (Luboš/CZE and Martin/CZE)
  6. Daddy Issues (Dalibor/AUT and Eduardo/PAN)
  7. Extra-O (Joel/SLO and Mirko/ITA)
  8. Mixed Boys (Gerhard/AUT and Michael/AUT)

Level B-

  1. JeToKuWi (Tom/GER and Jens/GER)
  2. 2gay2play2day (Karsten/GER and David/GER)
  3. S&M (Simon/SLO and Miha/SLO)
  4. Péro (Petr/CZE and Roman/CZE)
  5. Aber ähm (Gerald/AUT and Thomas/AUT)
  6. Los Speedos (Björn/GER and György/HUN)
  7. Way Out (Daniel/SLO and Blaz/SLO)
  8. Dick und Doof (Steffen/GER and Donald/BRA)
  9. Berge und Meer (Carsten/GER and Markus/GER)

Level C

  1. Goldig (Michael/AUT and Dominik/AUT)
  2. DaDa (Damiano/ITA and Daniel/ESP)
  3. Banking Bitches (Manuel/AUT and Teresa/AUT)
  4. Die Jongleurinnen (Maria/AUT and Barbara/AUT)
  5. Mein Lieblingsteam (Yasin/AUT and Mario/AUT)
  6. LuLa (Lars/NED and Lukasz/POL)

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